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Legal Help When A Loved One Has Been Injured In A Medical Transport Crash

Medical transportation occurs in both emergency and nonemergency contexts. And, although some such flights involve fixed-wing aircraft, the vast majority of medical transport flights involve helicopters. Obviously, a person in need of an air ambulance service has already been seriously injured or is very ill, so it is critical that such flights are completed safely to obtain further medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Sadly, medical transport helicopter crashes sometimes further injure passengers and may result in the deaths of or injuries to members of the flight crew. A person involved in the crash of such a flight needs an accomplished medical transport crash attorney to help navigate through the process and protect their interests. I am attorney William Angelley, an experienced aviation claims litigation lawyer with a great deal of knowledge and experience ready to strengthen your case.

Looking Into Causes Of Medical Transport Crashes

The truth is that most accidents involving medical transport flights are preventable. Investigations often discover causes that point to negligence, such as:

  • Faulty maintenance of the aircraft
  • Design or manufacturing defects
  • Poor decisions made by the pilot, such as flight into bad weather, flight into and out of dangerous areas without taking proper precautions and overloading the aircraft with gear and/or personnel.

Most of the pilots of medical transport flights are very well-trained and experienced and have logged many hours flying helicopters. Passengers who are experiencing medical emergencies should be able to trust them. In a nonemergency situation, it is wise to review the reputation of a transport company. However, in an emergency situation, passengers lack the opportunity to check the credentials of the company transporting them. If you have been injured or your loved one has been killed in a medical transport flight, your next recourse is to work with a knowledgeable aviation accident lawyer.

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