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Helicopter sightseeing tours generally involve aircraft being chartered by vacationing families seeking excitement and close-up views of extraordinary sites such as the Grand Canyon, the mountains and coastline of the Hawaiian Islands or Catalina Island in California, to name a few. Such flights can be thrilling and memorable when conducted safely, but far too many tour flights end in tragedy.

As with any aircraft crash, negligent maintenance and other system issues are often the cause, but tour flight crashes can also be the result of pilots pushing the envelope in an effort to impress passengers.

Angelley PC is no stranger to helicopter crashes, especially those that result from sightseeing tours. I am William Angelley, and I dedicate my legal career and experience within the aviation field to representing victims and their families in securing justice and relief following their accident. You are not alone, I will ensure you have an ally and resource during this difficult time.

The Possible Dangers Of Helicopter Sightseeing Tours

Aircraft maintenance and pilot training are often done in-house by the companies offering the tours. Unfortunately, some of these companies fail to hire qualified pilots or properly maintain their equipment. Before chartering any sightseeing flight, make sure you thoroughly check out the safety record of the company and the credentials and experience of the pilot who will be flying your aircraft. If the company will not provide you with this information, find another company.

Not all pilots have the experience necessary to handle helicopter tour flights, particularly when you consider the distractions that can come with excited passengers. Helicopters can be very unforgiving, and an inexperienced or distracted pilot can get into trouble more easily than you’d like to think. Unfortunately, the FAA does not provide the public with a list of reputable companies. The best option for many consumers is to search through travel sites and forums to review the experiences and recommendations that others have had.

Most companies will require you to sign a waiver prior to the flight. Please make sure to read it thoroughly before you agree, as some of these agreements may hurt your case should you be involved in an accident.

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Helicopter sightseeing tours are treated like other charter flights for purposes of the federal regulations. A complete understanding of these regulations, and the other legal issues that go along with such flights, is vital. I have extensive experience trying these cases, and bring unique insight that could prove to be invaluable in your case. My commitment to helping you and your family start during a free consultation. Get started by calling 214-254-3075.