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Why are helicopters more dangerous than other types of aircraft?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Helicopter Crashes

Helicopters may be convenient and incredibly useful in many situations, but they are also inherently dangerous. Crashes occur far more often with them than with any other type of aircraft.

The nature of the helicopter is what makes it so vulnerable to accidents, according to Executive Flyers. There are specific characteristics that lead to crashes.


Helicopters fly much lower than other types of aircraft, which introduces risks. They combat more obstacles and have to deal with more weather than a large aircraft that can go above the issues.


Because they often encounter bad weather, it is risky for them to fly in such conditions. These copters are difficult to maneuver and handling them is tricky. This can lead to issues that cause a crash. Also, in general, they are just harder to fly than planes, which increases the chances of pilot error.


Helicopters are nice because they can do more vertical maneuvers and fit into smaller areas. They can also hover, which is a unique aspect that often means they are used in situations where risks for accidents increase. For example, a helicopter is often used in rescues where there are many obstacles in the way and an increased potential for something to go wrong.


Maintenance on this type of aircraft is also trickier. It requires specialized repairs and someone who understands the specific needs of the helicopter. If done incorrectly or not done on the right schedule, it can increase the risks of an accident.

Helicopters are naturally more dangerous than planes because of a variety of factors.