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Could bad training lead to military plane crashes?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Military Aviation Accidents

Multiple crashes of military planes should lead to in-depth investigations that then lead to training changes that would prevent future issues. But after a string of crashes, the military has yet to make major alterations to training, which could explain why the crashes continue to happen.

The San Diego Union-Tribune explains for changes in training measures to occur, there must be a complete investigation into an incident. But the military is under tight restraints, and they have been only pausing after accidents for brief training.

The issue

The problem here is that this training is nothing new. It would only be a review of training already received without addressing potential issues that led to the crashes. There is no way for the military to introduce refreshed training that would tackle the problems unless they redesign the training. There has yet to be enough time between a crash and retraining to allow for that.

The concern

The concern here is that inadequate training is at fault for many of the plane crashes that occur during military exercises. These pilots go into the flight without the proper knowledge or skills or they lack some important training. Conducting a short retraining will not fix the problem because it fails to give these pilots the new knowledge or skills they need to avoid whatever led to the accident.

Outside of wartime, accidents that take the lives of service members should be taken seriously. They need an investigation to find out why they happened. Then, if training was an issue, that must change through altered training courses for everyone who will fly.