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Midflight injuries lead to diversions and hospitalizations

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Commercial Airline Accidents

All people flying commercial place their lives and safety into an airline’s hands when they travel with them. Thankfully, despite the thousands of flights that soar over the United States every day, the chances of injury are still low.

However, no airline has the power to control every factor of the flight — especially the weather. When serious turbulence hits, the chance of injury increases.

Nashville flight lands in Alabama

According to CBS News, the Federal Aviation Administration has a case of eight injuries to investigate. A flight from Tampa, Florida met with severe turbulence on its way to Nashville. It diverted to Alabama instead after two flight attendants and six passengers suffered injuries resulting in hospitalizations in order to evaluate their condition.

The report does not specify whether the flight diverted as a result of the turbulence or the nature of the injuries. There are no details on the injuries to the eight victims. It is unclear whether the National Transportation Safety Board intends to investigate the case.

Complicated cases and injury compensation

Anyone left injured after an airline accident has a lot to consider. Due to the nature of these investigations, it may take a long time to determine fault and liability. For those suffering an airline injury, it is important to beware of any waivers or solicitations from an airline immediately following an accident. These waivers may make it more difficult to secure fair compensation. Resources and representation that help victims understand their case and learn more about options moving forward may help make the process of securing compensation go smoother.