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Could this maintenance lapse have led to a plane crash?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Small Airplane Crashes

Small plane crashes often end up attributed to avoidable errors either on the pilot’s side during flight, or during maintenance.

It is important to understand the most common maintenance problems in order to avoid making these same mistakes.

Common maintenance problems

AV Buyer discusses numerous avoidable but common maintenance issues that crop up for planes. As noted, maintenance serves as a painful expense for many people. However, cutting corners can result in severe injury or even death if the plane ends up crashing. Needless to say, the expenses are well worth the safety.

Among the most common maintenance issues, small planes often crash due to:

  • Contaminated air conditioning heat exchangers
  • Worn engine fan blades
  • Poor aircraft parking procedures
  • Abnormal contamination of the fuel tank
  • Not keeping up with replacing parts as needed
  • Water draining during winter operations
  • Taking the consideration of freight weight into mind

Why do these issues happen?

Many of these problems lapse because they just do not seem that serious at the time, or because a person does not have the money to take care of them immediately. For example, some spare parts can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars if the demand is high and supply is low.

Other issues happen because a person feels like they can cut corners safely, such as not installing the required pitot static and engine covers that an aircraft needs when parked, whether in or out of a hangar.

Cutting corners and trying to save money when dealing with airplane safety is a poor idea every time, though. It is better to do too much than do too little.