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What reasons lead commercial plane crashes?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2022 | Commercial Airline Accidents

Though the overall number of aviation accidents has dropped over the years, they have not stopped completely.

Certain factors still contribute to the crashes that occur today, especially when it comes to commercial plane crashes.

Mechanical failure

Statista takes a look at commercial airline accidents. They examine the most common reasons that lead to these planes crashing.

First, mechanical failure. A quarter of all commercial airline accidents happen when equipment fails, either due to problems mid-air such as engine failure, or faulty repairs that cause sudden issues that should have already gotten fixed while the plane was grounded.

Pilot error

Next, pilot error. This includes the action, inaction, decision or indecision of a pilot that might lead to a crash. A majority of crashes happen because of the way a pilot does or does not react to certain dangers.


Weather should ground a plan if it poses enough threat, but some planes will still take off anyway. Sometimes a plane may run into unexpected bad weather, too. Unfortunately, two-thirds of weather-related crashes end in fatalities.

Systems failures

Systems failures occur when the electronic components of a plane fail, as opposed to the mechanical parts of it. These issues and issues with fuel both contribute to the number of total crashes. Fuel issues can include miscalculations of the fuel quantity or the type of fuel needed.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate all chances of a crash happening. However, by paying mind to these factors in particular, it may be possible to eliminate some of the biggest sources of risk to pilots and passengers alike.