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Common sense tips for flying safely on commercial airlines

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Commercial Airline Accidents

Are you a nervous flyer? Odds are, you will never face an airline emergency. It is safer to fly commercially than it is to drive your car on the highway; however, preparing for the worst can put your mind at ease and make your flight more pleasant.

1. Dress for action

Wearing well-fitting clothes made of natural, breathable fabrics will help you move quickly in the case of an emergency. Avoid skirts, stockings, and synthetic fabrics that may be flammable. Choose long pants over shorts because they offer protection for your legs.

Sensible shoes such as loafers or sneakers are a good idea; avoid high heels, sandals and flip-flops. Shoes that will stay on your feet and allow you to be as mobile as possible are a smart choice.

2. Carry your emergency essentials in a travel wallet

In an emergency certain paperwork could be critical: your wallet, passport, cash, credit cards, essential medication, emergency contact numbers and a cell phone. Carry this “run kit” on your person, in a travel wallet, a cross-body bag or in a fanny pack. It needs to be small enough that it can stay on your person throughout lift-off and landing; too big and a flight attendant may ask you to stow it away.

If the plane is ever evacuated you know everything you need is with you. Run and leave everything else behind.

3. Stay sober

Nervous flyers often try to calm their nerves with alcohol. Resist the temptation to numb your senses and choose to stay fully alert. If an emergency occurs, having all your wits about you will be critical for your safety.

Follow these tips for flying safely on a commercial airline, and to prepare for a worst-case scenario.