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Who oversees a commercial airline accident investigation?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Commercial Airline Accidents

A commercial airline accident is something you may think will never happen to you, until it does. Knowing what to expect of the investigative process can help you anticipate what comes next.

Even though you may never experience such an incident, having some understanding of these circumstances may help you feel more in control if such an event occurs to you.


The National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB, is in charge of running investigations for all commercial airline accidents. According to the NTSB, this investigative process involves several, more specific tasks including the following:

  • Reaching a decision to begin an investigation
  • Gathering facts at the sight of the accident
  • Analyzing facts to determine a probable cause
  • Finalizing a report
  • Recommending improvements to prevent future incidents

Your outcome

It is always wise to listen intently to flight attendant instructions so you know how to effectively respond in an emergency situation. If you or a loved one experienced a commercial airline crash, the outcome could involve serious injuries and even result in fatality. Either outcome can have detrimental effects for you and your family. Repercussions may include emotional, financial and physical elements. The uncertainty of an investigation or an inadequate reconciliation may leave you and other victims feeling unimportant and forgotten. Unfortunate circumstances like these may require the intervention of your own legal team.

A legal professional can aid you in compiling evidence and organizing your story to present to the courts. No one deserves to live with the complications and ongoing trauma of having experienced a preventable airplane crash.