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What determines the damages paid for commercial airplane crashes?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Commercial Airline Accidents

An airplane crash is a terrible event that can disrupt the lives of hundreds of families. You might think a traumatic incident such as a commercial airline accident is a clear-cut payout. After all, the passengers are not at fault.

However, many factors contribute to you or your family receiving compensation for an aviation accident. To better understand what you can expect, continue reading this article.

What influences the payout?

Several factors can cause an airplane crash. The most obvious is pilot error, but mechanical malfunctioning, air traffic control and acts of God can all contribute to an accident. The investigation after a crash determines who will pay the victims and their families. If it was a mechanical error, then the manufacturer is guilty. Pilot error might mean the airline is at fault for improper training. An insurance company might apportion a percentage out to several parties at fault.

What about non-fatal accidents?

Thankfully, fatalities due to airplane crashes are rare. According to the NSC, only four people perished due to a commercial airline accident. If you are a survivor of an aeronautical accident, this does not mean you will receive an enormous payout. Some states limit the amount payable for “pain and suffering” or non-pecuniary damages. International incidents may fall under The Montreal Convention, which provides relief for families of plane crash victims.

It is crucial for victims of plane crashes to receive their necessary compensation. Due to the nature of long-distance travel, usually many parties must pay out. Find a lawyer who will fight for you and navigate the legal roadmap.