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Statistics on fatal helicopter accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2021 | Helicopter Crashes

Whether you hire someone to fly you off of an island via helicopter or you go on a sightseeing tour, you face the risk of a serious accident. Many people across the U.S. ride in helicopters each year and sadly, some of them lose their lives when things go wrong.

Sometimes, those involved in helicopter accidents survive, but they often struggle with debilitating injuries that affect their lives in many ways. It is smart to go over statistics on helicopter accidents in order to understand the risks you face when you fly and to explore all of your options if a helicopter accident affects you or a loved one.

How many fatal helicopter accidents occur?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, between the end of August 2020 and the middle of April 2021, deadly helicopter accidents occurred every 39 days, on average. However, four deadly helicopter accidents took place during an 11-day period between April and May 2021. The FAA states that common hazards associated with helicopter accidents include flying at a low altitude and hitting an object and a pilot losing control of the helicopter.

How do deadly helicopter accidents affect families?

When a fatal helicopter crash occurs, the consequences are devastating. Families who lose a loved one often struggle with immense emotional pain that never goes away. Moreover, many families face financial hardships in the wake of a deadly accident, whether they struggle with funeral expenses or adjusting to life without the financial support of their loved ones. If a helicopter accident has affected your family, make sure you review resources that could help your family recover.