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When is the airline responsible for a passenger injury?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Commercial Airline Accidents

Most commercial airlines prepare for every possibility and plan for your safety. However, commercial airline accidents can still happen.

If a passenger is injured on a commercial airline, there will be several different questions about rights and who has legal responsibility for the injuries. It could be argued that passengers accept all risks when boarding the plane or buying their ticket, but this might not be true for commercial airline accidents.

What are common types of airline injuries?

Most injuries that you can get on the ground could happen in the air. Accidental falls, broken or sprained bones and even head injuries are accidents that are all too common when traveling by air.

Just suffering from an injury in an airplane isn’t enough to say that the airline is responsible. However, most airplane staff are required to help you if you’re injured as well as do everything in their power to prevent further injuries.

Commercial airlines go the extra mile to prevent injuries when in the air, considering how hard it can be to get quick medical aid to someone. In addition, most flight attendants and staff are trained to provide first aid for minor accidents and injuries.

When is an airline responsible?

There are a few incidences where the airline may be held responsible for personal injuries. For example, if your injuries were sustained due to human error or irresponsible practices, the airline might be at fault. Some examples include:

  • Overloading the aircraft
  • Not inspecting the aircraft
  • Not training crew
  • Neglecting to prevent harm or intervene

Usually, an airline isn’t responsible for any natural disasters or odd inspections. However, sometimes the airplane manufacturer or even the airport is responsible, so it’s important to look at all your options if you need to file a claim for compensation.