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Is pilot error mainly to blame for plane crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Small Airplane Crashes

We all have heard of small airplane crashes being reported on our local news stations. They happen in big states like Texas far too often. But, the reports often list pilot error as the cause when the truth is that there are other problems that can arise that can contribute if not absolutely cause the accident. Texas attorneys who handle these tragic accidents know too well that small airplane crashes typically result in the entire crew perishing in the mishap, but they also understand that there are other reasons a crash may occur.

Pilot error

Pilot error is the first conclusion that aviation officials will consider when reconstructing an accident scenario. Any distress calls to dispatchers will also be included in the investigation, but with small airplane crashes this does not always happen. Pilot error typically only includes ensuring that the plane is fully fueled and that all pertinent safety equipment is working, including landing gear. Most pilots are highly-trained operators, but disorientation can also occur while airborne. This is always a concern for pilots, but it is very rare.

Mechanical error

Mechanical error is actually the most common cause of a small airplane crash, and evidence of mechanical issues is often the first thing personal injury attorneys look at when further investigating an accident. Other things such as wind conditions can impact small airplanes as well. Typically engine failure or propeller loss is a component of causation in some manner, but sometimes the amount of cargo can also create problems when any mechanical equipment is compromised.

It is vital for all passengers in a small airplane to follow all directions from the pilot regardless of the situation. Unlike auto accidents, small airplane crashes are unforgiving events that usually result in at least one fatality. Being safe is of primary importance for everyone.