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A settlement gets reached in Kobe Bryant’s fatal helicopter crash

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Helicopter Crashes

Many people throughout the United States remembered hearing of Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s tragic passing on January 26th, 2020. After this shocking and understandably upsetting event, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s wife, filed a lawsuit against both the pilot and the company that hired him. Here’s the latest information about this lawsuit, including details of a recently reached settlement.

Vanessa Bryant’s wrongful death lawsuit

In Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit, it claimed that the person piloting the helicopter that killed her husband and daughter didn’t use “ordinary care” while piloting this aircraft. Bryant also made accusations against Island Express Helicopters, the company her late husband made his final flight with. It’s also worth noting that there were years of previously documented helicopter crashes involving Island Express Helicopters.

Details regarding the settlement

The exact terms of Vanessa Bryant’s settlement are currently confidential and must remain so until they’re officially approved by the courts. However, a statement from Vanessa Bryant’s legal team did specify that she sought compensation for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. She also sought compensation for any relief the court would deem proper.

Vanessa Bryant’s legal team stated that Kobe Bryant and his estate would likely have earned hundreds of millions of dollars throughout the later years of his life. However, Kobe Bryant’s death made it impossible for him to earn additional money for his family.

Recently, Vanessa Bryant reached a settlement in the fatal helicopter crash that killed her husband and daughter. If someone you knew was a victim of a fatal helicopter accident, don’t let those responsible walk away unpunished. Instead, contact a helicopter crash lawyer to potentially seek out and obtain damages.