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Is flying inherently dangerous?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Small Airplane Crashes

There is an old adage among seasoned pilots and others in the airplane industry and world of flight. Flying is not inherently dangerous. However, mistakes can be unforgiving. With this in mind, there are a number of facts and factors that should be borne in mind in regard to small airplane crashes.

Rate of small plane crashes in the United States

Considering the total number of small aircraft in the air over US skies at any given time, the rate of small airplane crashes annually is no deemed significant. With that said, there are about three small plane crashes in the US every day.

Fatality rate and small airplane plane crashes

The fatal accident rate associated with small planes or civil aviation in the US hovers around one per every 100,000 flight hours. During most years in the past decade, the fatality rate has been less than one per 100,000 flight hours. More recently, the number has risen to a rate of a bit more than one for every 100,000 civil aviation flight hours. This equates to approximately one civil aviation fatality a day throughout the course of a year.

Fatal accidents and commercial airliners

The fatality rate on commercial airplanes is even less. There is less than a one in three billion chance of dying in a commercial airline accident.

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