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Death toll rises on commercial airline flights

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2021 | Commercial Airline Accidents

With a stark decrease in the number of flights taken during 2020 around the world, it has been determined that the death toll has actually risen since 2019. In 2019, there were 86 plane accidents that caused 257 deaths. In 2020, there were only 40 accidents that resulted in 299 fatalities.

The most common causes of aviation accidents

To work to reduce the number of aviation accidents that occur, it’s important for experts to evaluate the most common reasons behind these incidents. one of the leading causes of aviation accidents is pilot error. Any action or decision that is made on the part of the pilot can be considered pilot error. Lack of experience, intoxication, fatigue or poor training are often factors.

Commercial airline accidents can also be caused by a mechanical failure of the plane itself. It’s estimated that equipment failure accounts for about 20% of all aviation crashes each year. Mechanical failure describes a variety of situations, from poor repairs to complete engine failure. Apart from causes generated by the pilot or the actual aircraft itself, weather is another contributing factor to a lot of accidents. Natural elements like rainstorms, fog and snow make it more difficult to fly.

Tips for reducing the number of aviation accidents

As experts have identified the main causes of the majority of aviation accidents, they have been able to come up with more solutions to help reduce the number that happen. Commercial airlines are paying more attention to the amount of time each pilot spends in the cockpit and are setting new standards for reducing the number of extended fly times so that pilots do not become overly fatigued. In addition, many commercial airlines are requiring additional training to help minimize the amount of pilot error that occurs.

While many of us board commercial airline flights throughout the year, we try to minimize the amount of concern about being involved in an airline crash. Unfortunately, the statistics have shown that airline fatality rates are on the rise. With more and more commercial airlines concerned about the reasons behind these crashes, hopefully, there will be fewer accidents in the future.