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Some reasons why airplane accidents occur

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When people board an aircraft, they hope that the trip will be secure and that they will land at their destination safely. However, mishaps that are not the passenger’s fault can emerge, and the journey can end in a serious accident. Whether the aircraft is a chartered flight, a commercial plane, or a helicopter, various reasons can cause it to crash.

Mechanical failure

Airlines and other aircraft companies should maintain their equipment well. However, sometimes they fail in their mandate, and an equipment problem, mechanical failure, or human error can lead to airline crashes. According to research, they account for approximately 20 percent of the accidents. Some of the causes of mechanical failure include shoddy repairs, malfunction of other parts of the aircraft, collapse of aircraft systems, and engine breakdown. Additionally, if the airline fails to maintain its vessels regularly, an accident may also occur.

Human causes

Catastrophic acts by people can also lead to air crashes. Some of these reasons include terrorist attacks, aircraft hijacks, sabotage from rivals, and mysterious disappearances. Research reveals that approximately 50% of these accidents happen because of the pilot. Apart from the pilot, other aircraft personnel are also responsible for the safe flying of the aircraft. They include dispatchers and air traffic controllers. When these people fail to perform their tasks effectively, an accident may also occur.


Weather is one of the leading causes of aviation crashes. Poor weather like storms, snow, and fog are often responsible for the loss of lives. If you have lost a loved one in such a catastrophic incident, you might find it advisable to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney who has a nationwide practice.