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Rights after a plane crash

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An aviation accident in the U.S. can be catastrophic and result in the loss of many lives. When people lose their loved ones in plane crashes or suffer serious injuries in an aviation accident, they should understand the rights that they have and the obligations of the airline.

An airline’s obligations after an accident

When an international flight ends in an airplane crash, the airlines have several obligations under the Montreal Convention, which is an international treaty. Under this treaty, airlines that are found to be at fault in an accident are liable to pay as much as 113,000 special “drawing rights” for passengers. The monetary equivalent in U.S. dollars is approximately $170,000 per passenger. However, the rights of victims to recover damages is not limited when the airline cannot prove that it took the necessary precautions to prevent the crash.

Passenger rights following an airline accident

The passengers can file lawsuits against the airline after an accident. They might also name other liable parties as defendants, including defective parts manufacturers. There are numerous manufacturers involved in designing and manufacturing airplanes, meaning that there may be multiple defendants. Most airline accidents lead to multi-district litigation because of the large number of victims. While lawyers cannot reach out to plane crash victims until 45 days after an accident, the victims are free to contact attorneys at any time.

Aviation crashes are devastating for the passengers and the families of people who are killed. People who have suffered serious injuries in an aviation disaster or who have lost members of their families may be entitled to recover compensation from the airline and other responsible parties by filing lawsuits. Experienced aviation law attorneys might analyze and review the evidence to make a liability determination. They may then identify all of the parties that should be named as defendants to pursue the full recovery of compensation for their clients.