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What are the main causes of commercial airline accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

While many people in the United States report having a fear of airplane crashes, these types of crashes are extremely rare. However, a small number of planes do experience fatal crashes. These crashes are typically caused by human error and mechanical failure although bad weather conditions can also play a role.

What are the most common causes of commercial airline accidents?

Many commercial airline accidents are caused by human error. In some cases, the pilot neglected to take the necessary safety precautions before liftoff. In other cases, they made miscalculations during the flight that led to an accident.

Bombs and terrorist attacks are also responsible for some commercial airline accidents. Over the years, suicide bombers have killed thousands of passengers across the globe. In rare incidents, suicidal pilots have even deliberately crashed their plane, taking the lives of most of their passengers.

Bad weather conditions have also been known to cause airline accidents. Wind and turbulence as well as sudden columns of air in thunderstorms can lead to a crash. However, thunderstorms themselves are not known to cause accidents. Overall, poor weather poses more of a risk to small airplanes than large commercial airliners.

How can loved ones seek compensation after an airline accident?

While airline accidents are rare, when they do occur, they tend to be catastrophic. Airline accidents typically result in massive casualties, which can include everyone on the plane as well as people on the ground.

If an individual loses their loved one in an airline accident, they might wish to hire an attorney to help them seek compensation. An attorney may be able to give their client legal advice to help them avoid signing off their rights. The attorney might also help them file a lawsuit in court.