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Turn To Me For One-On-One Guidance After An Airport Accident

I am attorney William Angelley, here to help you if you have been seriously injured or have lost a family member at an airport-related accident. Airport accidents can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Falling from or being hit by an airport gate cart
  • Tripping over a poorly maintained floor joint on a jet bridge
  • Being struck by a vehicle in an airport parking lot or in the loading and unloading lanes.
  • Tripping on the stairs from the plane down to the tarmac
  • Through a freak accident, such as the collapse of a ticket counter
  • In an elevator or escalator accident

I will start your case by reviewing your injuries and determining the responsible parties to bring claims against. In the U.S., commercial airports are generally owned by the city or cities with which they are affiliated. In some instances, the municipalities will set up quasi-governmental entities to manage and run their airports.

I Will Look Into Laws That Are Relevant To Your Injury Case

Your airport injury claim may come with special issues and considerations associated with legal claims against the appropriate government entity. Cities and other governmental bodies usually have very specific procedures that have to be followed before a suit can be filed against them. I have extensive knowledge and experience about aviation rules and regulations in this country, and can determine whether the government body with jurisdiction over the airport where you were injured caps damages that an injured person can receive.

Regardless of limitations that your airport injury case may present, I am determined to help you maximize your recovery and obtain the compensation that you need and deserve.

Will An Airline Be A Defendant?

Claims for injuries occurring inside an airport may involve one or more of the airlines operating there.

In addition, most airlines hire other companies to help with items such as gate services, wheelchair assistance, jet bridge maintenance and other matters. Many injury claims target such companies or other businesses, like restaurants and gift shops, that operate within the airport.

Learn About Airports And Your Prospects After An Airport Injury

The website for the Airports Council International offers information on airports in the U.S. that may shed light on the management of the airport where you were injured. At Angelley PC, our aviation accident lawyers have successfully handled many airport injury claims.

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