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After An Aviation Accident, I Can Be Your Able Advocate

Any serious accident is a life-changer for the injured. The same is true for survivors in case of a fatality. Finding an attorney whom you can trust to represent you well is a critical part of the recovery process.

An airplane or helicopter accident often presents complexities that demand legal counsel marked by an attorney’s skill, persistence and compassion. I am trial lawyer William Angelley, and I bring those qualities to the table. An experienced pilot and former aviation litigation defense attorney, I now devote my talents and efforts to the representation of people who have suffered serious injuries and lost loved ones in airplane crashes.

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William Angelley

Client Testimonials, Summarized

Past clients, as well as fellow legal professionals, have said that I am honest, friendly and helpful. Individuals and families have expressed gratitude for the care and genuine concern that I express as we work together through a difficult experience in their lives.

My clients enjoy abundant one-on-one interactions with me, their injury claims attorney. They see for themselves that my goal is to bring them relief. They soon find renewed hope that they badly need after suffering serious injuries or losing a loved one in a small plane crash or a commercial airline accident.

My Skillset And Professional Background Strengthen Clients’ Claims

Aviation accident reconstruction and analysis requires technical know-how as well as sound legal footings. As a former U.S. Navy pilot and aircraft maintenance officer, I work productively with trusted experts whose testimony contributes to my clients’ cases.

I strive to communicate with my clients in plain English to prepare them to make decisions to accept settlement offers or take their lawsuits to trial. I pride myself on ensuring that my clients are confident and ready to act in their own best interests when the time comes.

Learn More About My Litigation Practice, With A Focus On Your Case

It will be a privilege to discuss your concerns with you in a free initial consultation. I am confident that you will take away valuable insights that will help you choose the best attorney to represent you after an aviation accident. To schedule a meeting at your convenience, call 214-254-3075 or complete the simple online inquiry form on this website.